House System

To infuse the spirit of competition amongst the children the entire school from classes I to 12 is divided into 4 Houses.

Each House is under the charge of a House Master/Mistress and has students as House Captains and Vice Captains and a couple of House Prefects who are responsible for organization and discipline. All competitions in games and co-curricular activities are held on “House” basis.

The House System forges bonds of loyalty, brings children of different age group together, a better student-teacher relationship encourages self-discipline and arouses greater team spirit.

House Name Colour
Nilgiri Blue
Aravalli Yellow
Shiwalik Green
Himadri Red


Outside the classroom, teachers adopt the role of guide and mentor. The school has a unique system of self-governance through the student council.


Head Boy Head Girl
Sports Captain Vice Sports Captain
Cultural Captain Vice Cultural Captain
School Magazine Editor (Hindi) School Magazine Editor (English)
House Captains House Vice Captains


The Students for various post / heads are elected by the students (class 5th onwards) and teachers once in a year, in the month of July / August.


This inculcates the feeling:

"Of the Students"
"For the Students"
"By the Students"