A school is the workshop of life building.Other than academic a young pupil has potential and the natural talent to excel in various other activities.

The school provides such a chance to explore out the pearls from the sea-depth by giving the students the scope and the spirit of healthy competition at all levels by means of the following activities.

The House System forges bonds of loyalty, brings children of different age group together, a better student-teacher relationship encourages self-discipline and arouses greater team spirit.

Sr. Name of the activity Logo
1 Adventure Sports  
2 Archery  
3 Badminton  
4 Best out of waste  
5 Boxing  
6 Calligraphy  
7 Candle Making  
8 Carom  
9 Chess  
10 Computer Animation  
11 Computer Club  
12 Dance  
13 English Club  
14 Bandhanwar  
15 Gymnastic  
16 Maths Club  
17 Studymatte  
18 Music Instrumental  
19 Music Vocal  
20 Photography  
21 Quizzing  
22 Science Club  
23 Skating  
24 Social Studies Club  
25 Table Tennis  
26 Taekwando  
27 Yoga  
28 Poster Making  
29 Glass Painting  
30 Block Painting  
31 Purse & Bags  
32 Decorative Items  
33 Volley Ball  
34 Hockey  
35 Modern Craft  
36 Painting  
37 Hindi Club  
38 Clay Modeling  
39 Non Fire Cooking/Mehndi  
40 Rangoli  
41 Baby Toys/Doll Making  
42 Kho-Kho  

Upcoming Events(Dec-March)

Jan. Preliminary exams X & XII/Diagnostic Test-4(XI) will begin from 21st Jan.2019
Students will be provided marks script of periodic test-3/Diagnostic Test-3 on 25th Jan. 2019
Feb. Practical Exam of class XI will start from 20th Feb. 2019
Final Examination of classes I-IX & XI begins from 25th Feb.
Mar. Examination correction to be shown on 16th March.
End of term assembly on 30th March.


  • Classes I to V are going to Flying Elephant Adventure Camp on 26th & 28th Dec. 2018
  • Classes VI to VIII are going to Giant Banyan Tree Lucknow on 27th Dec. 2018
  • Classes IX to XII are going to Vrindavan on 6th Jan. 2019
  • Inter House English Declamation for classes I-V will be held on 22nd Jan. 2019
  • Republic Day Celebration on 26th Jan,2019
  • Martyr`s Day special assembly on 30th Jan.2019
  • Inter House Music competition on 8th Feb.2019
  • Inter House Techno Fest for classes VI-XII on 12th Feb. 2019
  • Inter House Hindi Debate for classes VI-XII on 14th Feb. 2019
  • Parents Teacher Meeting on 16th Feb. 2019
  • Inter House English Elocution I-V on 19th Feb. 2019