School Calender


APRIL , 2019
05th April Friday Staff Meeting 9:00 am
06th April Saturday School Re-opens 9:00 am – 11:00 am
08th April Monday School Timings 7:50 am - 2:10 pm
12th April Friday Student Expedition Plan
13th April Saturday Ramnavami(Holiday)
14th April Sunday AmbedkarJayanti/Vaishakhi
15th April Monday Work Ex. Allocation (I & II)
16th April Tuesday Work Ex. Allocation (III & XII)
17th April Wednesday MahavirJayanti (Holiday)
20th April Saturday Inter Class English Hand Writing (I-V) / KSS English Story
Writing Competition (VI-XII)
22nd April Monday Work-Ex Activities Begin
25th April Thrusday Inter Class Art Competition (I-V)
26th April Friday Inter House English Elocution (VI-XII)
27th April Saturday Pupil Parents Introductory / KSS Solo Singing (Open) Semi Classical
MAY , 2019
04thMay Saturday Inter House Kho-Kho/KSS Art (VI-XII)/KSS English Extempore (IX-XII)
07th May Tuesday Teachers gives Project for Summer Vacations (I-XII)
10th May Friday Last Working Day before Summer Vacations (PG-VIII) / Inter Class Card
Making Competition / KSS Solo Singing (Open) Semi classical competition
11th May Saturday KSS English Elocution (Poetry) (I-V)
11th-17th May Saturday-Friday Extra classes for IX-XII
17th May Friday Last Working Day before Summer Vacations (IX-XII)
JULY, 2019
01st July Monday School Re-Opens 7:50 am
05th July Friday House Get together
06th July Saturday Inter House English Extempore (VI-XII)
09th July Tuesday Investiture Ceremony
10th July Wednesday Football Matches Begins
13th July Saturday KSS Art Competition (I-V)
15th July Monday Periodic Test –I/Diagnostic Test-I begins (XI-XII)
20th July Saturday KSS English Elocution (Prose) (VI-VIII)/KSS Rock Band Competition
24th July Wednesday KSS Chess Tournament (Boys) (VI-VIII)
26th July Friday Inter House Hindi Story Telling (I-V)
27th July Saturday KSS English Debate (IX-XII)/KSS Swimming Competition (Boys/Girls)
AUGUST , 2019
02nd August Friday Inter House Quiz (VI-XII)/KSS Hindi Debate (IX-XII)
03rd August Saturday Inter House Volleyball (VI-VIII)
09th August Friday Marks Script-Periodic Test-1/Diagnostic-1(Final Submission)
10th August Saturday KSS Quiz (Open)/KSS English Debate Competition (VI-VIII)
12th August Monday Eid - ul- Zuha(Holiday)
15thAugust Thrusday Independence Day/RakshaBandhan
16th-17th August Friday-Saturday KSS Chess Tournament (IX-XII) Girls
17th August Saturday KSS Hindi Debate (VI-VIII)
20th-21st August Tuesday-Wednesday KSS Chess Tournament (VI-VIII) Girls
20th-26th August Tuesday-Monday Diagnostic Test-2 (XI-XII)/Periodic Test-2
21st August Wednesday KSS Kho-Kho Girls (Open)
20th-23rd August Tuesday-Friday Janmasthami(Holiday)
24th August Saturday KSS National Anthem & National Song Singing (I-XII)
26th August Monday Inter House Hindi Elocution (VI-XII)
30th August Friday Chess Tournament (Boys) (IX-XII)
31th August Saturday Parents Teacher Meeting 8:30 am -11:30 am
03rd September Tuesday Inter House Folk Dance Competition
05th September Thursday Teachers' Day
07th September Saturday Inter House English Story Telling (I-V)
09th September Monday Mark script of Periodic Test-2/Diagnostic Test-2 (Final Submission)
10th September Tuesday Moharram(Holiday)
11th-12th September Wednesday-Thrusday Practical Exams (XI-XII)
16th-26th September Monday-Thrusday Half Yearly Exams
01st October Tuesday KSS Group Dance Competition (Theme Classical)
02nd October Wednesday Gandhi Jayanti
03rd- 05th October Thrusday-Saturday KSS Basket Ball (Girls) Open
04th - 05th October Friday-Saturday KSS Yoga (Boys/Girls)(Host)
05thOctober Saturday KSS Orchestra (Indian Classical)
07th- 08th October Monday-Tuesday Dussehra(Holiday)
11thOctober Friday Inter Class Creative Hindi Writing Competition (I-V)
12th October Saturday KSS Hindi Elocution (I-V)
15th October Tuesday Marks Script Half Yearly(Final Submission)
16th October Wednesday Inter House English Elocution (VI-XII)
19th October Saturday KSS Robotics (VI-XII)
21st - 24th October Monday-Thrusday KSS Football (Boys) (VI-VIII)/KSS Jr. Cricket Championship (VI-VIII)
22nd October Tuesday KSS English Story Telling (I-V) (Without Props)
24th October Thursday Inter House Robotics (VI-XII)
25th-29th October Friday-Tuesday Diwali / Bhai Dooj(Holiday)
02nd November Saturday Chatt Pooja (Holiday)
06th November Wednesday KSS Hindi Debate (IX-XII)
06th-07thNovember Wednesday-Thursday KSS KHO-KHO (Boys) (IX-XII)
08th-09thNovember Friday-Saturday KSS Kabaddi (Boys) (IX–XII)
09th November Saturday KSS Hindi Choir (Theme Motivational)/KSS English One Act Play (Open)
10thNovember Sunday Eid-e- Milad(Holiday)
12nd November Tuesday GurunanakJayanti(Holiday)
14th November Thursday Children's Day / Annual Day (Junior)
16th November Saturday Annual Day (Senior)
19th November Tuesday KSS English Elocution (IX-XII)
19th - 21 th November Tuesday-Thursday KSS Football (Boys) (IX-XII)
21st - 23th November Thursday-Saturday KSS Volleyball (Boys) Open
25nd November Monday Athletics Season Begins
28th - 30th November Thursday-Saturday KSS Basketball (Boys) Open
30th November Saturday KSS English Extempore (VI-VIII)
02nd December Monday Sports Day/Classroom Inspection
03rd December Tuesday Inter Class Hindi Spelling (I-V)
05th December Thursday Inter House Hindi Elocution (I–V)
02nd-07th December Monday-Saturday KSS Cricket Championship (IX-XII)
07th December Saturday KSS English Choir / KSS Skating (All Groups)
09th-17th December Monday-Tuesday Periodic Test -3 / Diagnostic Test -3
11th-13th December Wednesday-Friday KSS Kho-Kho (Boys) (VI-VIII)
13th December Friday Plan for Local Excursion
20th December Friday Inter House English Debate (VI-XII)
25th December Wednesday Christmas (Holiday)
28th December Saturday Last Working Day before Winter Break
07th January Tuesday Plan for Teacher's Excursion
09th January Thursday School Re-opens 9:00 am
14th January Tuesday Makar Sankranti(Holiday)
16th January Thursday Pre-Preliminary Exams (X & XII)/ Diagnostic Test- 4 (XI)
24th January Friday Marks Script Periodic test -3/ Diagnostic Test -3 (Final Submission)
26nd January Sunday Republic Day
28th January Tuesday Inter House NukkadNatak (Open)
30th January Thursday Basant Panchami / Martyr's Day Special Assembly
07th February Friday Inter House Music Competition
09th February Sunday RavidasJayanti
11th February Tuesday Inter House Techno Fest (VI-XII)
12th February Wednesday Inter House English Elocution (I-V)
14th February Friday Inter House Hindi Debate (VI-XII)
15th February Saturday Parents Teacher Meeting
17th February Monday Practical Exams Begins (XI)
21th February Friday Mahashivratri
24th February Monday Final Exams Begins (I-IX & XI)
MARCH, 2020
07th March Saturday End of Term Examinations (PG-IX & XI)
09th-11th March Monday-Wednesday Holi
14th March Saturday Examination Correction to be shown
28th March Tuesday End of Term Assembly /Marks Script Final

School Timings

FOR Kindergarten:( Play Group, L.K.G. & U.K.G.)

Monday To Friday In Summer 07:50 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
In Winter 08:25 a.m. to 12:25 noon
Saturdays will be off for Kindergarten.

FOR CLASSES 1st onwards

Monday To Friday In Summer 07:50 a.m. to 01:55 p.m.
In Winter 08:25 a.m. to 02:00 p.m.
Saturday In Summer 07:50 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.
In Winter 08:25 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.


  • School (classes 1st onwards) will function for Six days a week.
  • Any Change in school timings shall be notified through school Diary / SMS / Notices.

School Office Timings: (On all working days)

  • Summer: 08:00 A.M. - 3:30 P.M.
  • Winter: 08:30 A.M. - 3:30 P.M.
  • Principal will be available from 09:00 AM - 11:00 AM or with prior appointment.